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Darren Morris


@RISK Technologies, a Strategic IBM OEM World Wide partner, is here to protect America's Mid Market corporations from cyber crime. The Cyber threat that is out there today is real, complex, and evolving. Corporations have been unable to protect themselves and slow to identify when they have been breached. 147 days is the average amount of time before a business realizes it has been breached and normally it finds out through a 3rd party disclosure. 

  • @RISK’s intent is to stand between the threat and its Customers while enabling an Intelligent Security posture.
  • Our technology was designed to pre-empt bad activities while averting costly and lengthy incident response checklists and Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Automates costly methods using machine learning, @RISK will save our Customers money. 


As the Chief Operating Officer for @RISK, I come from the telesales, brick and mortar, apparel and real estate industries.  I have been a non technical observer that has noticed that companies, both big and small, want and need to get out in front of Cyber Threat. My first observation, as a “non-techie,” was how confusing the Cyber Appliance and Solution landscape really is. As a newcomer to the industry, I quickly learned that the Market is always presenting us with the next generation “new/new” machine. Each best in class appliance is presented as the solution to lessen cyber exposure.


It seemed to me that every vendor wants Companies, like those in my past industries, MainStreet USA, to buy the next great “tool” and replace what they are currently using. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work as I have continually read about how bad actors (Hackers) are finding new ways to get around the latest hardware defenses.  Despite all the marketing hype these hackers are able to breach an organizations’ network over, and over again. Even if a Company has endless budget, the fact of the matter is, you can’t tool your way out of the evolving threat.

@RISK technologies is changing the “rip and replace” model by leveraging the network appliances your company already owns.  It creates Network Consensus by working within your current IT budget, roadmap and environment, to enable you to defend your network better than you ever have been able to in the past.


@RISK’s technology mimics human thought by using advanced analytics in a kind of artificial intelligence. This intelligence is able to enhance older technologies and create a Cyber defense that is a “thinking” and “coaching” platform.

This kind of advanced approach that uses human trade craft, fused with machine learning, is called Cognitive Computing. Cognitive Computing is also able to mimic the way a hacker thinks.

By mimicking the way an attacker thinks, @RISK is able to find the holes in a network and then plug the holes in that same network before a hacker has a chance to exploit them.

@RISK deploys its technology through its InVictus platform to enable its Customers to get “Left of Bang.” In other words, become proactive rather than reactive with network Cyber Defense. @RISK keeps its Customers “Left of Bang” by taking post-incident forensics and then automating the process with cognitive computing and delivering them as pre-incident solutions.

Because the average amount of time before a business knows it has been breached is so long, and because it is better to detect sinister intentions early rather than to respond to a compromised network, @RISK is offering a pre-emptive monthly Attack Surface Measurement so that companies don’t have to conduct cyber forensics once it is too late.  Some of the key features of the InVictus product includes are:

  • Darkweb queries:  Completed by "personas" cultivated in DOD work. 
  • Attacker Avenue:  This product goes well beyond traditional PEN-TEST and Threat Vulnerability Assessments using our proprietary 360 Degree Cyber Area of Influence (a kind of Neighborhood watch) technology fused with Cyber Area of Influence (Zone Field Analysis).  
  • Our Perimeter Threat leverages PCAP to calculate:
    • The probability of bad by attack vector
    • Port Threat surface identification
    • Anomalies
    • Ransomware
    • Hidden Networks
    • Illicit Networks
    • Phish Fry (our eMail Phishing technology)


@RISK provides MainStreet USA with real value, for less than the cost of a world class (and hard to find and hire) Cyber Jedi Knight. Our Companuy provides a quarterly, monthly, weekly or continuous Attack Surface Measurement solution, including world class expertise, for less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Contact me today to learn more about our NO RISK Measurement upfront commitment to measure the risk and recommend an effective roadmap for your team to combat the evolving sophisticated Cyber Threat.

Thanks for reading.

Darren Morris
@RISK Technologies

(800) 426-0178 


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Darren Morris

Written by Darren Morris

Mr. Morris serves as Vice President of Operations for @RISK Defense Technologies, Inc. Previous to @RISK, he was a partner at one of the fastest growing Textile Recycling companies in the country. At American Textile Recycling Services, CA Division, Mr. Morris was in charge of all aspects of the business. He built the business from $0 revenue to profitability faster than any other division in the history of the company. Previous to ATRS, he was a founding partner of CF Brand, LLC, a targeted retail distribution company. While at CF Brand, Mr. Morris built and managed all aspects of the corporate headwear program for New Era Cap Company. The corporate headwear license was successfully sold to SanMar Corp. Prior to founding CF Brand, Mr. Morris was a founding member of ServiceSource, Inc., a specialized sales organization focused on increasing service and support revenues for technology companies and was responsible for overall company operations. He helped drive the Company’s 100% year-over-year growth and was instrumental in the management of over $800 million in service revenues. ServiceSource enjoyed a successful IPO in March 2011 and is currently traded on the NASDAQ. Prior to founding ServiceSource, Mr. Morris held various executive management positions at Embee Inc., a leading aerospace metal finishing company. He received a BA from the University of California at Irvine. He enjoys spending time with family and friends. His hobbies include travel, movies, golf and surfing.