Cyber is Polymorphic "so what?"

[fa icon='calendar'] Mar 22, 2017 4:29:58 PM / by Rob Scholl CISO @RISK posted in Cyber attack surface, polymorphism, polymorphic

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Every time you turn on the TV, or view social media, you can’t help but be overwhelmed with discussions around cyber security and hacking. Leaders of agencies, military units, or industries, consistently yield an interesting and recurring theme:

Cyber Security is "polymorphic."  Polymorphism, polymorphic or polymorph, from the Greek words poly ("many") and morphe ("form, shape, structure"), may refer to computing and science,  

  • Cyber Polymorphism represent the ability in computer programming to present the same programming interface for differing underlying forms (data types, classes) and then the substrate of Cyber extends all the way to how it is encoded.
    • Polymorphic code, self-modifying program code designed to defeat anti-virus programs or reverse engineering
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