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Midmarket CIO Forum

Presented by MIDMRKT SUITE (former Boardroom Events)

Midmarket CIO Forum is an engaging, informative, and social venue for IT Executives and Solution Providers focused on technologies for the midmarket.

The Forum is an invitation-only conference. The tremendous insight about the interests of the participants allows a customized experience, ensuring that new connections will be relevant and productive.

In 2018, we are very honored to be awarded the Best Midmarket CIO Forum Newcomer and Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence.

We are also grateful to be a finalist in the following categories:

  • Best Midmarket Solution, Software
  • Best Midmarket Strategy
  • CIO Choice, Best in Show 



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Cyber Security Luncheon

Our Most Beneficial Event

Cybercriminals' use of advanced technologies is now outpacing multiple industries' ability to combat the threat. With the mission to protect Main Street USA, @RISK is bringing you an unconventional approach and help your organizations plug the holes in your network before an attacker has the opportunity to exploit them.


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Other Industry Specific Events

You Can't Solve What You Can't Measure 

In today's threat environment, CEOs and CISOs need succinct and automated insights to forecast their adversaries' most probable course of action and anticipate vulnerabilities before there is a chance to exploit them. IT professionals suffer from appliance and framework fatigue.

Follow us to join one of the industry specific events and learn:

  • How to automate traditional SOC activities using machine learning to proactively identify, understand and predict threats at speed and scale.
  • How to measure current gaps with your existing appliances and make their capabilities more effective through automation and AI.
  • How to measure the progression of your cyber landscape and evaluate how effectively your appliances are performing using a customized C-Suite ScoreCard.



Upcoming Events

January 29 - Webinar: Understanding Your Customers Cyber Risk and Impact on D&O/E&O

February 26 - American Public Transportation Association Risk Management Seminar

May 16 - PA Bankers 2019 Convention


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