Technologies is a Cyber Network Consensus Company

About our Company

@RISK Technologies is a Network Consensus company that provides global organizations with “Left of Bang” Cyber Situational Awareness measured through a Balanced ScoreCard. Risk is measured, mitigated and Exposure to Cyber-attacks are transferred away from an organization. Threat is calculated using Big Data Machine Learning. It is an assembly of world class professionals who quietly do what seems to be the impossible daily. Each one of them is contributing to a new vertical we call Network Consensus, fusing the art of their experience with technology, to mimic the way a computer hacker thinks.

The leadership is dedicated to helping Main Street USA leverage domain expertise captured from DOD quality work and deliver cognitive computing that can mimic the way a cyber analyst thinks. By mimicking the way an attacker and defender think, the @RISK team members provide an automated Digital Forensic Investigation software that can help Pennsylvania customers find the holes and then plug the holes in a network before a hacker has a chance to exploit them.  @RISK fights Cyber as the fifth domain of warfare using machine learning and artificial intelligence using proven state craft and it is different because kinetic warriors are transformed into digital minutemen while being more efficient because it leverages legacy systems organizations already own to transform cyber data sprawl into digital forensic forecasting and advanced threat discovery.

Press Releases in Order:

    • Press Release 1:     1 March, 2017, Dallas Texas:  John Bliss Joins @RISK Technologies as Chief Privacy Officer 
    • Press Release 2:     2 March, 2017, Dallas Texas:  Allen Mitchell Joins @RISK Technologies as Vice President for Channels and Client Executive
    • Press Release 3:     3 March, 2017, Dallas Texas:  MG Dave Scott Joins @RISK Technologies Board of Directors
    • Press Release 4:     6 March, 2017, Dallas Texas:  Senator Rick Santorum Joins @RISK Technologies Board of Directors
    • Press Release 5:     7 March, 2017, Dallas Texas:  Mike Lohner Joins @RISK Technologies Board of Directors
    • Press Release 6:     8 March, 2017, Dallas Texas:  Darin Brannan Joins @RISK Technologies Board of Directors
    • Press Release 7:     9 March, 2017, Dallas Texas:  @RISK Technologies focusing on 3 Pilot Customers in Banking
    • Press Release 8:     14 March, 2017, Dallas Texas:  @RISK Technologies closes $ 2M in seed round
    • Press Release 9:     15 March, 2017, Dallas Texas: Brad Cook Joins @RISK Technologies Board of Directors
    • Press Release 10:  5 April, 2017, Dallas Texas: @RISK Technologies announces completion of InVictus Platform using IBM Technology
    • Press Release 11 2 May, 2017, Dallas Texas: @RISK Technologies successfully completes 3 Bank POC and signs first customers
    • Press Release 12:  15 June, 2017, Dallas Texas: @RISK Technologies completes SOC 2
    • Press Release 13:   1 July, 2017, Dallas Texas:  Ben Hogan Joins @RISK Technologies as Vice President of Sales 
    • Press Release 14:   25 July, 2017, Dallas Texas: Pennsylvania Bankers Announces @RISK Technologies as Select Vendor
    • Press Release 15:   4 October, 2017, Dallas Texas: @RISK Technologies Joins Colorado Bankers Association as Its Associate Member
    • Press Release 16:   19 October, 2017, Phoenix: Arizona Bankers Association Names @RISK Technologies as  Associate Member
    • Press Release 17: 19 December, 2017, Dallas Texas: @RISK Technologies, Inc. Joins California Bankers Association as Associate Member
    • Press Release 18: 2 January, 2018, Dallas Texas: Wyoming Bankers Association Accepted @RISK Technologies, Inc. as An Associate Member
    • Press Release 19: 7 February, 2018, Dallas Texas: @RISK Technologies Joins Idaho Bankers Association as the Newest Associate Member
    • Press Release 20: Kent Warren Joins @RISK Technologies as Chief Revenue Officer
    • Press Release 21: 13 June, 2018, @RISK Technologies Joins Ohio Bankers League as Its Associate Member