• We believe privacy is an inalienable right; we also believe that not enough is being done to protect MainStreet USA at a level we believe it deserves.

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    • @RISK is a Network Consensus company that provides global organizations with “Left of Bang” Cyber Situational Awareness measured through a Balanced ScoreCard. Risk, exposure and probability of Cyber-attacks are calculated using Big Data Machine Learning built on an IBM Cognitive computing platform. @RISK is an assembly of world class professionals who quietly do what seems to be the impossible daily. Each one of them is contributing to a new field called cognitive computing, fusing the art of their experience with technology, to mimic the way a computer hacker thinks and defend your Privacy.

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@RISK Technologies Successfully Completes 3 Bank POCs and Signs First Customers

3 Main concepts you should take away from this release:

Customer Focus
@RISK Leadership remains focused on a single vertical to prove out its product

Customer Dialogue
@RISK Leadership is partnering with its customers to ensure its product meets an unmet need in the market

Capability Confusion
@RISK is learning that despite all the hype around Machine Learning for A.I., the market is still in its formative stage characterized by an abundance of customer confusion

DALLAS, TX - 2 May 2017 -
@RISK Technologies Inc., a Cyber Network Consensus SaaS company, today announced it will has successfully completed 3 proofs of concept implementations and has signed three banking customers.
The effort validates integration with IBM’s BlueMix Technology and IBM’s Watson application program interfaces (APIs), a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. 
Customer Validation in Core Vertical 
“We are encouraged by the initial market validation our development efforts have received.” said Darren Morris, Co-Founder and COO of @RISK Technologies. "We stay protected by adding @RISK to our team," said the President of a mid-size bank in Alabama. "@RISK has the individuals with the expertise, the knowledge and the abilities to respond to these ever changing threats so we can focus on what we know how to do, and that's banking." 
Spark Hadoop Cyber Real Time Monitoring POC 
“These Proof-Of-Concepts (POC) allow us to test our real time Spark/Hadoop Integration built by @RISK behind an Organizational firewall, while ensuring air gapped and SOC 2 compliant data stores are kept secure using a Hybrid Cloud delivery model”, said CTO Robert (Stan) Blanton.
Spark Hadoop Cyber Real Time Monitoring.png Spark Hadoop Cyber Real Time Monitoring

Diffused Customer Loyalty

As Cyber Customer Loyalty is decreasing in the market, @RISK focused on a different strategy - Validating its product through partner customers. Prior to the Company’s launch, the founders traveled the country and globe to hear from Information Security Customers. The founders’ discovery: Emerging products and increased competition across markets have given potential customers the flexibility to try many different products and services, but such choice has led to even more confusion. 

Customers appear to prefer to mix and match best-in- class. Similarly, many CISOs recognize that they can't "tool their way out of the problem", so interest in newest products using Machine Learning is hot. Responding to this purchasing variability, @RISK is focusing on consumers at the exact right value that is emerging which, for banking, is better fusion between compliance, risk management and automation.

The @RISK POC focused on the ability to automate those fusion points using a cognitive assembly of Machine Learning into a specific A.I. function.



AI Cyber Wars: Coming Soon To A Bank Near You

Staying one step ahead of the threat is difficult, but forward-thinking financial institutions realize it’s imperative. As financial institutions up their game to protect their assets, three AI priorities have emerged: focusing resources, visualizing the threat, and accelerating response time.

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