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    • @RISK is a Network Consensus company that provides global organizations with “Left of Bang” Cyber Situational Awareness measured through a Balanced ScoreCard. Risk, exposure and probability of Cyber-attacks are calculated using Big Data Machine Learning built on an IBM Cognitive computing platform. @RISK is an assembly of world class professionals who quietly do what seems to be the impossible daily. Each one of them is contributing to a new field called cognitive computing, fusing the art of their experience with technology, to mimic the way a computer hacker thinks and defend your Privacy.

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Ben Hogan Joins @RISK Technologies as Vice President of Sales

3 Main concepts you should take away from this release:

Big Data
@RISK Leadership has years of proven experience in big data analytics

Customer First
@RISK is committed to putting the customer needs first and has leadership in place to ensure it

Global Leadership
@RISK understands Cyber from a Strategic, Operational and Tactical view with leaders who have worked at all echelons of business and government

DALLAS, TX - 1 July 2017 - 
@RISK Technologies, Inc., a Cyber Network Consensus software company, today announced Ben Hogan joined as Vice President of Sales.
Hogan’s career has spanned 20 years in early-stage technology companies. Most recently, Hogan was Vice President of Sales at Catelas, Inc., a Boston-based big data analytics firm that focuses on electronic communications compliance for financial services firms.
Prior to Catelas, he was the Director of Sales for AppNexus, the largest independent digital advertising exchange, where Hogan lead the sales effort for one of the first commercial cloud computing platforms, the AppNexus Production Cloud. Prior to AppNexus, Hogan opened and grew the US subsidiary of a multi-national Information Security Distributor, ComputerLinks, which was acquired by Arrow Electronics.  Hogan’s first start-up was BroadJump, an Austin-based software company that delivered broadband internet to more than 20 million consumers in the early 2000’s and was acquired by Alcatel.



Ben_Hogan.png Ben Hogan Joins @RISK Technologies as VP of Sales

“@RISK combines the best backend technology I’ve ever seen with an amazingly role-specific user interface that adds value from Information Security practitioners all the way to the C-Suite,” said Hogan, “This is the most exciting technology I’ve had the opportunity to sell in my career.”

Hogan received his B.A. from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Austin, TX. He is an avid water skier.





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