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Arizona Bankers Association Names @RISK Technologies Inc. as Associate Member

3 Main concepts you should take away from this release:

Regulatory Issues
@RISK's solutions help financial institutions focus more on business while reducing cost

Staff Shortage
@RISK's technology augments current IT staff to focus on the most important issues and allows more productivity

Cost Saving
@RISK is a trusted partner with Arizona Bankers Association. We are dedicated to providing reliable services to all members

PHOENIX, AZ - 19 October 2017 -  

The Arizona Bankers Association (AzBA) is pleased to announce the addition of @RISK Technologies, Inc. as an Associate Member providing cyber security risk assessment and management solutions to our membership. 

“@RISK Technologies will help member banks to create a more advanced cyber protection program and ensure they continue to apply best of breed technology to protect customer personal and confidential data,” said Paul Hickman, President & CEO of Arizona Bankers Association.

Using artificial intelligence powered by IBM’s Watson to create Network Consensus, @RISK performs pre-incident forensic analysis on real-time threats and leverages the technology to enhance incident forecasting, reduce costs and ensure business continuity.  

“@RISK Technologies believes that true Cyber Situational Awareness is achieved by measuring the Cyber Attack Surface,” said Sean O’Brien, CEO of @RISK Technologies. “You can’t solve what you can’t measure. It’s better to detect sinister intentions early than to respond to compromised networks and conduct cyber forensics after the injury has occurred.”

@RISK’s solution allows financial institutions to avoid costly post-event forensics should a breach occur, and augments current IT staffing through significant automation capabilities. The platform also includes an automated version of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC) Cyber Assessment Tool (CAT), dramatically improving accuracy and reducing the time needed to complete FFIEC requirements, as well as a Balanced ScoreCard measurement tool for overall cybersecurity.

The platform’s automated digital forensic investigation provides a window into what’s happening on the Dark Web, analysis of potential avenues of attack and a perimeter threat application that collects and reports three years of threat information from across the globe. This includes deterrence; use of advanced analytics to delay, impede or halt the initial threat; deploying barriers to break down the will of the threat; system stabilization; and maintenance. 

@RISK’s team applies counterterrorism tactics and tradecraft to cyber, and includes former military leaders and IBM technology experts with extensive experience supporting the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. intelligence agencies, and who have been at the forefront of cybersecurity advancements for decades.

“The AzBA is always looking to add valuable solutions to help our members address today's most difficult banking challenges,” Hickman said. “@RISK’s no-cost operational assessment tool and Balanced ScoreCard offered through their platform create a common-sense fusion of bank operations with compliance and risk management.”

@RISK Technologies had previously gained entry into the PA Bankers Association Services Corp Select Vendor program through a rigorous selection process, requiring validation and approval across their membership.

@RISK was highly recommended as the Select Vendor and has active deployments with over a dozen Pennsylvania banks.

Together with @RISK, AzBA is going to have a Cyber Luncheon at the J&G Steakhouse at the Phoenician on October 25th at 11am. An exceptional faculty of speakers will be presenting at the luncheon: Senator, and former presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, Ret. Major General Raymond Perez, PhD., and Sean O'Brien, CEO & President of @RISK Technologies. Please RSVP to Marlene Brehm via mbrehm@atrisktech.com.

Network Consensus The Power of Network Consensus

Network Consensus Solves 2 Big Problems

Without automating digital forensic investigation, there aren't enough people to accomplish the tasks required for effective Cyber Security remediation. This is due to 2 reasons:

  • Cyber Stove Pipes due to fragmented Industry appliances
  • Shortage of skilled analysts



Arizona Bankers Association

The Arizona Bankers Association has been the voice of Arizona’s banking industry for over 100 years. The association counts over 50 banks and credit card operations among its members, who operate in every corner of the state, from the Grand Canyon to Tuba City, Douglas to Yuma, and everywhere in between.

The mission of the Arizona Bankers Association is to engage its members in industry issues and be the catalyst for creating a unified voice.  We do this by providing:

  • Premier government relations advocacy
  • Relevant, accurate and timely information
  • Value-added products and services
  • A forum for open and candid communication

Banks are the single most important component of Arizona’s economy.  Not only do they lend to Arizonans, but they employ nearly 50,000 Arizonans, reinvesting in their communities and providing financial and social stability in their markets.  Bankers educate young adults on the importance of financial responsibility.  Bankers donate significant time and money to charities.  Banks are, in many ways, the lifeblood of our neighborhoods and communities.


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