• We believe privacy is an inalienable right; we also believe that not enough is being done to protect MainStreet USA at a level we believe it deserves.

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    • @RISK is a Network Consensus company that provides global organizations with “Left of Bang” Cyber Situational Awareness measured through a Balanced ScoreCard. Risk, exposure and probability of Cyber-attacks are calculated using Big Data Machine Learning built on an IBM Cognitive computing platform. @RISK is an assembly of world class professionals who quietly do what seems to be the impossible daily. Each one of them is contributing to a new field called cognitive computing, fusing the art of their experience with technology, to mimic the way a computer hacker thinks and defend your Privacy.

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Allen Mitchell Joins @RISK Technologies as Vice President of Channels & Client Executives

3 Main concepts you should take away from this release:

Customer First
@RISK is committed to putting the customer needs first and has leadership in place to ensure it

IBM Background
@RISK team members have over 150 years of combined experience with IBM

Global Experience
@RISK understands the global impact and origins of cyber with world class nation state expertise

DALLAS, TX - 2 March 2017 - 

@RISK Technologies, Inc., a Cyber Network Consensus SaaS company, today announced Allen R. Mitchell joined as Vice President of Channels and Client Executives. Mitchells is a proven leader and champion for the customer with extensive experience at IBM.

In this position, Mitchell will be responsible for identifying partner channels for cooperation and growth while championing the position of Customer needs in Program Management. 

“I’m excited about my role,” Mitchell said, adding: “@RISK is different in its approach to the complex challenges in data security and cyber threats in detection, prevention, and remediation solutions for today’s high-threat environment and leveraging IBM technology with Watson places our customers in a unique position to get ahead of the threat.”
Mr. Mitchell joins @RISK with over 30 years in the information technology industry with IBM where he served as a client executive along with other client-facing positions within the sales and distribution division. He has extensive experience in the public sector and the Department of Defense. Mitchell’s experience includes tailoring and implementing cloud, analytic, mobile, social and security (CAMSS) strategic initiatives.
Mr. Mitchell’s past experience supporting IBM within the Defense and Intelligence Communities uniquely qualifies him to introduce the state-of-the-art InVictus technology to clients in the banking, transportation and retail sectors. Mr. Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree from Monmouth University.
Allen Mitchell Joins @RISK Technologies as Vice President Allen Mitchell Joins @RISK Technologies as Vice President of Channels & Client Executive

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