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Senator Rick Santorum Joins @RISK Technologies as Board Member

3 Main concepts you should take away from this release:

Global Leadership
@RISK understands Cyber from a Strategic, Operational and Tactical view with leaders who have worked at all echelons of business and government

National Dialogue
@RISK leadership is involved daily in the national dialogue on Cyber and MainStreet USA

Regulatory Issues
@RISK leadership has access to deep institutional knowledge about compliance, policy and regulations that impact MainStreet USA

DALLAS, TX - 6 March 2017 - 

@RISK Technologies, Inc., a Cyber Network Consensus SaaS company, today announced Senator Rick Santorum joined as a Board Member. Senator Santorum has dedicated his career to grass roots efforts and is a champion of MainStreet USA and the working class man and he is a passionate advocate for the right of Privacy and better Cyber Technologies.

Senator Santorum provides the board with a unique understanding of Cyber after having spent time on the Senate Arms Committee and other National Policy positions.  The Senator brings value to @RISK in two ways – his leadership in understanding policy and regulation, as well as extensive relationships with leading commercial Companies. 

Watch Senator Santorum's "WHY" invterview here.

A native of Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum was a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2012 and became known as a voice for conservatives who didn’t feel their voice was being represented.  His grassroots approach to campaigning – including visiting every one of Iowa’s 99 counties and his stunning victory in the Iowa caucuses – catapulted him to frontrunner status where he ultimately won 11 states and nearly 4 million votes during the Republican primary process. During his run for president, the Senator spoke passionately about his belief that strong families help produce a strong economy.  He shared his views that we must expand opportunities for all Americans by encouraging incentives for and free enterprise.  He believes that constant Cyber Attacks on MainStreet USA hamper those efforts.
Senator Santorum Joins @RISK Technologies as Board Member Senator Santorum Joins @RISK Technologies as Board Member

Rick Santorum is the co-founder of Patriot Voices, a grassroots and online community of Americans from across the country committed to promoting faith, family, freedom and opportunity. Patriot Voices was formed following Senator Santorum’s run for president and serves as a place for conservatives to join voices and be heard on the many issues facing our country today.

Senator Santorum is the author of Blue Collar Conservatives, which released in April, 2014, and provides a game plan for rediscovering blue collar America.  He is also the CEO of EchoLight Studios, a fast-growing faith and family film production company.

Rick and his wife of 24 years, Karen, are the parents of seven wonderful children: Elizabeth, John, Daniel, Sarah Maria, Peter, Patrick and Isabella.  




U.S. Senate: Armed Services Committee

On January 18, 2017, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain and Ranking Member Jack Reed announced that Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota would chair a new Subcommittee on Cybersecurity. The new subcommittee was first announced on January 4, 2017, and will be tasked with oversight and legislation for policies and programs relating to the Defense Department's cyber forces and capabilities.

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