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Taking Privacy by Design from Principles to Practice

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Topics Covered in This White Paper

Situational Awareness

As cyber is asymmetric and polymorphic, a key element to fighting this advanced threat is to achieve level 3 Cyber Situational Awareness - the ability to forecast the opponents next move.

The Principle to Practice

An approach that ensures accounting at the system and sub system level of the data life cycle while also embedding accountability for both the role of the actual data holder and the system designer.

Network Consensus

How to address today's problem that the collections of interacting agents are built competitively and are not designed to achieve a common goal of network defense.

Taking a comprehensive, properly implemented risk-based approach—where globally defined risks are anticipated and countermeasures are built into systems and operations, by design – can be far more effective, and more likely to respond to the broad range of requirements in multiple jurisdictions.”

-- Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Executive Director of the Privacy and Big Data Institute at Ryerson University, Three-term Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Creator of “Privacy by Design”

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free white paper

Taking Privacy by Design From Principles to Practice